I believe we can come out of this COVID-19 time stronger! 

This time at home is the perfect opportunity to create a new financial reality where you really connect about money as a couple and where you learn to share and understand each other’s financial needs and dreams.

Are you a couple who would love to:

  • Be equal partners on money matters. (No matter who earns more or knows more)

  • Understand your own and your partner’s financial personality and financial needs

  • Create a safe space for an open money conversation in your relationship

  • Budget, plan invest or get out of debt – Together

If you answered yes to any of these, buy this online course today. 

You have a dream of a great marriage and of being true partners. In the background money is a huge part of that dream, not how much money you have, because more doesn't necessarily  mean you are happier, but the ability to work, plan and spend together to make the dream work does affect your quality of life.  Don’t fall into patterns that too many couples fall into, of being financially oblivious. Avoid feeling nervous constantly because your financial needs aren’t met, mostly because you didn’t know you had them. Don't get so busy with the day-to-day that you don't know what's going on with your finances and haven’t had an open money conversation for so many years you don’t know where to start.

While we originally created the course for couples who are engaged or just married, the feedback we got was that we MUST "share this with everyone." So we are...

If you want to dream, discuss and plan financially together and use your money to live a life that you value, start this course today!

What others have been saying about this course: "Brilliant idea. I wish this was available when I got married." " Thank you! My family never spoke about money or budgeting. I didn't know how to have a healthy money conversation"

Hannah Sasson

Relationship skills and money

Beautiful, awesome, positive outlook and things to work on and look out for. So enjoying this course!!

Dina Gaines

Valuable, insightful and actionable

I learned a lot about myself and my attitudes, and where my money values and attitudes and fears mesh well or don't mesh well with my husband's. That way we can plan around those murky areas and try to get as many needs met as possible. I want to ...

Renee Graham

So helpful, wow! I need to hear this ten times!

I didnt know most of this information growing up. Rifka outlines it in a clear way that makes it less scary to talk about money. She makes the budgeting, debt, and investing sound less overwhelming. I am definitely giving this course as a weddin...

In the first chapter we discuss how it is not about money. So what is it really about? Its about your values, living a life of what you value, having money to spend on what is important to you, if you can align your values and your money with a positive and kind attitude you will find that sweet spot of a financially smarter life.

You have the opportunity to give yourself or someone you know this as a  gift. Priced at  $180 this course should be a must have for all couples starting out. 

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Course Curriculum

Lesson 5: Be Generous

What's included?

12 Videos
1 Survey
1 Text
23 PDFs
10 Audios
1 Presentation
Rifka Lebowitz
Rifka Lebowitz
Financial Consutant

About the instructor

Rifka Lebowitz is a financial consultant, speaker, and author, specializing in personal and small business finance. After a decade in the Israeli investment and banking industry, she went out on her own to pursue her dream: helping business owners, individuals, and couples to be smarter about – and with – their money. 

Rifka is renowned for her user-friendly approach to finances. Her instruction is down-to-earth and applicable to people from all backgrounds.

Founder of the extremely popular Facebook group Living Financially Smarter in Israel, she speaks in North America and all over Israel on personal finance.