This course is for couples starting out their financial life together. It is not about how to be cheap or save every penny. That's not who I am, and it's probably not who you are.  It’s also not about how to make millions tomorrow. What it IS about is how to live well. How to be smart and live your best life, together. How to be on the same page as a couple so you can accomplish your financial goals. 

It's about being smart with what you have and eliminating financial stress as much as possible. The goal of this course is to help you align your values with your money and live what I call a financially smarter life.

If you want to start out your life together with a good money relationship, this course is for you. It is the perfect gift for any couple getting married. Priced at $180 this course should be a must have for all couples starting out. NIS Payment option also available. Email for details

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Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: It's Not About Money
Lesson 5: Be Generous
Lesson 9: Conclusion

What's included?

10 Videos
1 Survey
1 Text
18 PDFs
10 Audios
1 Presentation
Rifka Lebowitz
Rifka Lebowitz
Financial Consutant

About the instructor

Rifka Lebowitz is a financial consultant, speaker, and author, specializing in personal and small business finance. After a decade in the Israeli investment and banking industry, she went out on her own to pursue her dream: helping business owners, individuals, and couples to be smarter about – and with – their money. 

Rifka is renowned for her user-friendly approach to finances. Her instruction is down-to-earth and applicable to people from all backgrounds.

Founder of the extremely popular Facebook group Living Financially Smarter in Israel, she speaks in North America and all over Israel on personal finance.

What others have been saying about this course: "Brilliant idea. I wish this was available when I got married." " Thank you! My family never spoke about money or budgeting. I didn't know how to have a healthy money conversation"